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Get a deep understanding of how Udemy works from course offerings, to special categories, to category rankings and much more!
Do this right, and you’ll be well on your way to big profits with Udemy right from day one!

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Discover the most profitable and in-demand course topics, take a closer look at what’s already being sold, and filter out the most valuable information. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s working, and what’s not in order to increase your chance of success!

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Evaluate other course teachers, track their courses over time to see what’s hot and doing the best on Udemy. By seeing what’s working, you can replicate the success of the most popular courses and dominate your competition!

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"The Only Tool You Need To Succeed As An Udemy Online Instructor Is Finally Here!"

Maybe you are on the outlook for online teaching jobs. Well, the better question is why not teaching a course online as an Udemy course instructor! Stop looking for jobs teaching online, start learning how to make a Udemy course and on other online course platforms!

The problem with selling your own course these days is competition and getting the right people to discover your course.
When you can rise above the competition and get in front of your target market at the right time…you’ll increase your number of sales.

But throwing your course up on Udemy and hoping for a steady flow of sales simply will not work anymore.
You have to actually understand how Udemy works, how courses rank, evaluate your competition and figure out the best keywords to get your course ranked. And there are many online course websites. All of this can be VERY overwhelming and difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing or even know how to start.

Luckily for you, TeachinGuide takes away all the guesswork for you and gives you ALL the necessary data and insights you’ll need to succeed on Udemy!

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"Once we realized the power of Teachinguide and what it could do for our course business we could just not live without it anymore.
A must-have course insight tools for any Udemy course creator!"

01.09.2018 - Philipp H.

"All The Most Powerful Udemy Insights, Information And More... Right At Your Fingertips!"

TeachinGuide will provide you with current, high-quality and exclusive data and insights from Udemy. By having access to this exclusive data, you’ll have all the information you’ll need right at your fingertips to skyrocket your success as an online instructor and course creator on Udemy!

Let’s take a look at exactly how TeachinGuide will benefit you...

Our Exclusive Udemy Course Database

We’ve put together the most informative Udemy course database for you that’s easy to navigate and use. You can filter courses by ratings, reviews, number of enrollments, rankings and so much more! In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to quickly discover what topics work and sell the very best on Udemy!

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In Depth Course Topic Finder

We’ve created one of the most critical research tools just for online instructors. Our Teachinguide Topic Finder. This is an outstanding way to identify and validate new topics to teach. Udemy Market Insights gives you just a brief validation of single topics. Our Topic Finder gives you the full picture of about 5'000 topics instantly! Find topics by detailed demand and competition. Make sure to understand Topics trends on Udemy and in Google Worldwide. This is information is priceless!

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Detailed Competitive Analysis

Do you want to see detailed information regarding topics and keywords on Udemy that’s current and up-to-date? Now you can with TeachinGuide. You’ll be able to do competitive analysis to reveal the most promising (and lucrative!) niches as well as keywords you can easily rank for. This data is a MUST if you want to outrank your competition!

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What our users say

"Teachinguide is just the only tool out there giving you real insights on making money with Udemy. Today we finally understand our niche and its competition. Even better we found new opportunities for additional courses to build. So exciting!"

27.08.2018 - Prisca T.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it Different from Udemy Marketplace Insights?

Udemy marketplace insights is a very weak course research tool. Udemy insights aim to give you some course research that won’t be too competitive against other and not too detailed. Teachinguide gives you all the information from the beginning, trend information, ranking analytics, competitor tracking and so much more. Online course research for real Udemy course ideas is only possible with Teachinguide.

Which Languages are Supported?

Right now Teachinguide supports only english speaking content. That includes course offerings, topics, authors and keywords. We are about to extend the capability for other languages as we speak. Stay tuned.

Can I easily upgrade from one plan to the other?

Absolutely. You can upgrade from our Free or Insights subscription any time to a more advanced plan. Of course, you can downgrade as well but you probably don't want to.

Is there a free Trial?

YES! Now Teachinguide affers a 7 day free trial offer in addition to a 30-day money back guarantee. If you decide the service is not right for you within the first 30 days we will give you a refund. Simply email us to support@teachinguide.com

What kind of Payments are Supported?

Right now we use braintree as the primary payment provider. This way we you can pay with any common credit card or even with PayPal. If you need other means of paying, please let us know.

Can I use Teachinguide on my iPad or Smartphone?

Short answer - yes you can. Some datatables include many information and make it a little harder to zap through on your phone, but all content is designed to be responsive for all devices.

How often is the Data been Updated?

Data recency is one of the critical success factors. In general, we are updating all the data once a week. Our course monitor even gives you the ability to refresh data in realtime! However, there is calculated data or also long-term trend information where monthly updates are sufficient.

Is Udemy Course Creation not really hard?

Become a udemy instructor and start to create a course online! Udemy course creation is easy with Teachinguide! Our resource library within the service provides best practices and guide to get you started fast and guide you through your first students.

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