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Teachinguide Update – December 2018

Christmas is approaching fast and our way to give includes adding more exciting functionality and features to our Teachinguide Web App.

Here is an overview of the biggest updates in November and December so far.


  • Our course database tutorial on how to use it effectively is live.
  • Enhanced free trial with no need to give any payment information upfront.
  • Added an option to bring friends and get 7 more free days in return.
  • Added PayPal support for paid subscriptions.

Course Monitor

  • You can easily add a new course to the tracker by just pasting the course URL
  • All columns are customizable and can be hidden or made visible again
  • You can use multi-column-sort by pressing shift when clicking on columns
  • The subcategory-rank now has an indicator on whether the course improved or declined in its ranking from last week
  • Keyword Ranking has been improved to quickly visually see each change from last week for each keyword ranking the course has. This includes new rankings, improvement, declines or losing a rank.

  • Backlinks for courses. This again is a very big feature. We now show you all backlinks a course has currently with few days delay only. This includes many important metrics about the authority of the referring site/domain as well the traffic and organic keyword rankings that page has. You can use that to better understand competitors sales strategy and get potential sites for your own SEO initiatives.

Course Database

  • Added competitive field: Keyword Ranking Power (KWRP)
    • A metric for keyword rankings on Udemy within the subcategory. Its based on the number of ranked keywords, the rank, and their traffic volume. The higher the metric, the more sales the course is expected to get from Udemy rankings.
  • Added competitive field: Backlink Power (BLP)
    • An estimate on how strong the course landing page (CLP) has been referred by high authority domains and by many backlinks.
  • Added full flexibility to choose the columns you need in your reports.
  • 3 preconfigured views can be easily accessed from the config dropdown

New: Subcategory Report

  • We added a new report for Subcategories. Categories like “Business” or “Marketing” are too broad for an instructor to measure and compare metrics and identify new course ideas. Topics on the other side are to narrow. The currently 137 Subcategories give you a very good indication of trending areas on Udemy and how demand and competition are evolving for those.
  • You have the same filter, sorting and display functionalities as for topics here.

 Home Dashboard

  • The upcoming database updates are dated now to see when we will update all course and ranking data.

Upcoming features:

  • Course Monitor Data – getting faster course data updates

We hope you love those updates and new features. Looking for your feedback and feature requests!

Udemy’s January Sale – How to Prepare

Udemy January Sales 2019

Last week we discussed the impact of Udemy’s Black Friday Sale on online course enrollments.  We saw that by and large the Udemy’s sale on Black Friday greatly increased enrollments across all categories.

Next up in terms of big promotions will be Udemy’s January Sale. In January Udemy.com will be offering courses for $10.99 each to ring in the new year. If you currently have courses on Udemy, now is a great time to think about promoting your course and getting it ready for another big Udemy sale.  And if you are looking to launch a course, it is also a great time to launch.  Udemy’s big sale in January greatly increases your chances of garnering many more new enrollments than any other time of the year.

Udemy’s Black Friday Sale – a Good Deal for Online Course Instructors?

Black Friday

The Udemy Promotion Debate

Udemy’s Black Friday Sale recently took place.  All courses on the platform were listed for $9.99 and if you purchased a course you received a free credit to purchase another one on Cyber Monday. A great deal for consumers.

But what about instructors? Is Udemy’s Black Friday sale a great deal for them?  Udemy’s seemingly endless promotions have been the subject of controversy, with many users and industry followers claiming that Udemy’s “real” online course prices are never really achieved. Rather with its very frequent promotions, Udemy has trained consumers to wait for its next promotion to buy courses.

On the other hand, enrollments are a key factor in building and promoting an online course business.  Promotional campaigns like Udemy’s Black Friday sale are of course aimed at increasing organic course enrollments and obtaining more traffic and users of the platform. Investing to obtain enrollments, such as discounting your courses, makes sense.   Thus one could argue that promotions such as Black Friday can be viewed as the cost of building your business.

Udemy Search Rankings – How to Get Your Course High on the List

Computer screen with keyword ranking menu

With over 80,000 courses on Udemy, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make sure your online course gets noticed.  In this article, we provide a simple guide to the two key things Teachinguide has found you should focus on when trying to improve your course position in Udemy’s search engine.

These are the two important rankings within Udemy:

  1. Subcategory Ranking
  2. Keyword-Ranking

Offering Free Online Courses – Good or Bad Idea?

Person using a camera to film online course

To be Free or Not to Be Free? That is the Question.

Free online courses abound.  When you are thinking about creating an online course the option to price it for free is one of the first big decisions you’ll need to make.  This is true whether you are new to course creation or launching a new course topic. On one hand, it seems everyone is creating courses “for free” – there must be a good reason for doing this, right?   On the other hand, you will be putting a lot of time and effort into creating your course (a pre-requisite for success!). You will want to see a return on that investment.

So should you offer your online course for free? Why or why not?

10 Top Headlines for Online Courses

A hand with a pen writing the word

Part of being a successful online courses instructor involves keeping up to date on the latest industry news and strategies. What are the latest and newest course offerings and trends? Where does Udemy fit into the industry and how is it evolving?  What can you learn from industry successes and failures? And more.

Here we gather up some of the most recent news in the online course industry to help keep you up to date and to bring you new ideas.  Happy learning!


Teachinguide Update – November 2018

Teachinguide is live now for about 2 months. Since then we made massive changes and additions for online instructors and aspiring instructors in our web app.

Here is an overview of the biggest updates in October and November so far


  • Added a 7 days free trial
  • Reduced pricing further to make TG available for even part-timers

Course Monitor

  • Changes in Subcategory Ranking are now easy to see
  • Changes in Keyword Ranking are also now easy to see

Top Tools for Validating Your Online Course Ideas

Lightbulb representing ideas and a mindmap

Why Validate Your Online Course Idea

With all the people and platforms making it possible to become an online course entrepreneur, the space is getting crowded. There are numerous examples of people making a living selling courses about all manner of topics – crafts, yoga, book binding, dog training and more.  You can literally create an online course about anything – but would you want to?

Just because you may have a long list of online course ideas it doesn’t mean that courses covering these topics will sell.  So, the questions to ask every time you have an online course ideas is: Is this a course that will people will buy?  And if so, how many people will buy it?

5 Top Selling Udemy Course Instructors – What You Can Learn from Them

Teacher sign

Those who get into online teaching and course creation have, among other goals, the primary goal of making money. You may be looking for some extra income, wanting to leave your day job entirely, or want to make money following your passion. The big question is: How can you become good enough and popular enough on Udemy or other platforms to do that? Who are the top Udemy instructors?

One way is to learn from people who have achieved strong financial results by teaching on Udemy. This is not so easy to do – Udemy has over 25,000 instructors and 85,000 courses covering over 1000 topics as of September 2018. So how do they do it?

10 Steps to Online Course Creation

hand writing the word create in large blocks with pencil

The journey to creating an online course involves a multitude of decisions and steps.  It can be a daunting prospect to get started, especially for those new to online course creation.

Even if you have created an online course before, you may be looking to improve your course creation process.  You might be having less success than you would like and are wondering where you might be going wrong. Regardless of your situation, some questions you might have included:

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Person using a camera to film online course

Offering Free Online Courses – Good or Bad Idea?

To be Free or Not to Be Free? That is the Question. Free online courses abound.  When you are thinking about creating an online course...