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The Benefits in Details

Complete Course Database
The complete online course catalog with over 60k courses, transparent at your finger tips. Designed for course instructors for easy filtering and in depth analysis.
Course Sales Data and Trends
Know where your efforts are worth while to create online courses. Get real student enrollment data and trend information to understand topic demand in all categories, topics and for many other criteria.
Course Competitiveness Metrics
Give yourself the chance to win. Get crucial insights on your course competition with metrics like engagement, ratings, run promotions, keywords ranking power or CLP backlink power.
Instant and unlimited data exports
Export any views on the course database including all demand and competitive metrics for further analysis.
Easy Filtering and flexible Views
Get the data you need. Filter by category, subcategory, topic, instructor, badge, pricing, ranks, sales, keyword combinations and many more. Select the metrics you need.

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