Our Chrome Extension delivers onsite actionable insights

Detailed onsite analysis of how other courses, topics, competitors and searches are performing, and tools to support action

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Onsite analytics that provide in context awareness of what is trending and why​

Deploying the power of Teachinguide directly into online course platforms


The power of Teachinguide directly on Udemy

  • check markNew Teachinguide features designed to radically enhance the Udemy “Market Insights” tool, directly on the Udemy website
  • check markFront end search on Udemy result with analytics are presented directly on the Udemy front end, comparing courses, instructors, keywords, and more
  • check markEasy-to-use tools that allow adding relevant information to follow back into your Teachinguide trackers and analytical graphs, charts and reports
  • check markBackend analytics on Udemy with comparisons available for your courses and performance vs other instructors, relevant keywords, trending topics and more

Content analysis tools directly on Udemy

  • check markAnalyzes content for keywords, relevancy, and SEO optimization
  • check markProvides insight into competitors content and ranking
  • check markGenerates content suggestions based on search terms
  • check markAllows for filtering by different marketplaces and languages

Sales analysis insights directly on Udemy

  • check markAnalyzes sales and revenue data from top e-learning marketplaces
  • check markProvides information on popular course topics and pricing trends
  • check markHelps educators and content creators optimize their course pricing strategy
  • check markProvides data on course reviews, ratings, and student engagement

Trend analysis functionality directly on Udemy

  • check markMonitors trending topics and changes in the e-learning and onlin contgent market
  • check markProvides insights into popular course categories and subcategories
  • check markHelps educators and content creators stay up-to-date with the latest trends in online education
  • check markIncludes a calendar view to track historical and upcoming trends