Compare, contrast and measure content effectiveness

Analyze content strengths and weaknesses with multiple metrics to find what works best and why

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Online content success is requires constant measurement

Successful measures provide insights to help adjust, enhance, and optimize content based on audience metrics


Monitor the impact of content on engagement and sales

  • check markIdentify and track subject and topic demand and trends
  • check markMeasure what succeeds online and understand why
  • check markTake guesswork out of content creation and development
  • check markView and compare earnings by course, instructor, topic and keyword
  • check markTrack rankings of content by type and timeframe.

View, compare and share analytics and insights

  • check markIdentify content criteria that are vital, including sales, likes, comments, and engagement rates
  • check markCompare their party content to each other, and to your own
  • check markView our competition data grids showing relevant competitors for each course, rankings, topic, engagement rates, keyword …, and view detailed trend information
  • check markTrack performance (growth/decline) of other content creators to each other (sales, revenues, engagement rates, keywords…)
  • check markLearn what factors drive success, including via detailed analysis of each course and competitor

View sales and revenue performance of other content creators

  • check markDetailed drill down of content type, length, enrollments/sales, reviews, backlink power…
  • check markView content/course and content creator performance monthly with extensive historical data
  • check markCompare trends for key performance indicators and other vital metrics
  • check markReceive notifications and messages about market trends relevant to you

View tracking recommendations by category, subject, keyword, content creator, course…

  • check markLeverage our machine learning tools that identify, rank and suggest other content creators to track across many different metrics
  • check markEasily identify niche content areas where you can succeed
  • check markView reviews and our analytics tools to find and highlight
  • check markStay ahead of the competition through actionable guidance