Dashboards with detailed insights, guidance and metrics

Analytics and reports providing quick view of your content performance, competitive metrics, trends and key performance indicators

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Dashboard for instructors, content creators & podcasters

High-level views with drill-down, recommendations and notifications into content performance and trajectory vs. the market and competition


Measurements, inputs and notifications for what matters most

  • check markAnalyze overall content health and sales performance
  • check markView comparative content performance dynamics, trends and rankings along quality and sales axes
  • check markGet notifications of competitor content releases, keyword changes, and ups/down in market trends
  • check markView our “Keyword Matrix” rankings, trends, ideas, and difficulty for your content
  • check markBuild customizable “Market Watch” dashboards from recommendations and trackers you set in motion

Notifications to keep you on top of your competition

  • check markSet and receive content and sales push in area of interest (onsite, email, SMS)
  • check markDefine personalized thresholds to track competitors, courses, keywords…
  • check markCompetitive intelligence tools track key course and content releases
  • check markIdentify early mover opportunities with niche topics
  • check markGet a faster start with great new ideas pushed to your desktop and phone

Let market watch insights do the hard work for you

  • check markMachine learning algorithms provide dashboard tracking recommendations
  • check markAI and other tools generate content ideas and feedback
  • check markPersonalized market watch guidance helps you improve your current content
  • check markIdentify multiple areas of interest and let market watch do the tracking and measurement for you (including competitors, course details, keywords, topics…)

Simplified graphics, reports and visualizations

  • check markYour dashboard centralizes visualizations and provides clear and simplified insights and guidance
  • check markA wide range of charting visualizations are available: line and bar charts, bubble diagrams, scatter charts, range series, word-clouds and many more
  • check markVisualizations provide clarity, simplifying complex information, and communicating key trends or patterns in data that are otherwise difficult to see
  • check markPowerful visualizations are easier to help you understand, retain and take action on key facts (people process visual information more efficiently than text)
  • check markMobile friendly graphics make on-the-go use a snap