Research & analyze profitable topics for your online courses

Detailed insights on revenue estimation, enrollment trend, search volume, & conversion rate and quality analysis

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Topic opportunity analysis tools

Topic analytics provides key metrics, data, graphs and charts and help you decide what topics to target, and why​


Analyze the opportunity for your topic​

  • check markEvaluate the average rating of courses with specific topic​
  • check mark​Check average monthly revenue of courses for specific topics​
  • check mark​Find the course ranking opportunities and chances on topics​
  • check mark​Evaluate student enrollment trends for topics over the past 3 months​
  • check mark​Detailed graphs to conduct comparisons with competitors​

Quick analysis insights​

  • check markVisually-engaging graphical data about topic performance metrics
  • check mark​Estimate search volume and demand of your topic​
  • check mark​Track and analyze conversion rates for your topic​
  • check markAnalyze average sales and course enrollments
  • check markDetailed insights and graphs data analysis based on Big Data

Explore high performing topics​

  • check markExplore high demand keywords with the demand index​
  • check markExplore and analyze related topics with detailed insights​
  • check markAnalyze what's going down and what's rising up
  • check markAnalyze the average rating graphs for the topic​
  • check markDetailed graphs to conduct comparisons with competitors​

Detailed quality metrics​

  • check markSearch by topics to uncover your competitor's top courses
  • check markDetailed insights for online instructors to take measurable actions​
  • check markCalculated metrics based on demands,engagement & trends​
  • check markFind viral and trending topics for your online courses​
  • check markDetailed insights and graphs data analysis based on Big Data